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Precious metals are highly valued because of their resistance, reliability, and excellent quality. They can also be an excellent investment that you can take advantage of in moments of need. If you are thinking of buying outstanding gold, silver, or similar pieces or want to get good cash from the ones you own, turn to a dependable gold buyer! At YM Gold, Silver and Jewelry Buyer, we can offer excellent deals for precious metal pieces to all our customers in San Mateo, CA and the nearby areas.

What We Offer

Gold Buying and Selling

Gold Buying and Selling
Gold is one of the most dependable and valuable metals on Earth. If you currently need some money and you have any gold pieces you can sell, turn to a professional gold dealer from our team! Also, you can buy beautiful and high-quality gold jewelry at excellent prices if you rely on us!

Silver Buying and Selling

Silver Buying and Selling
If you are looking for a more discrete material that can be equally resistant and elegant, you can always choose a silver piece from our excellent selection of jewelry! Plus, you can bring us any silver object you may want to sell and a trusted silver buyer from our team will give you a great deal!

Platinum Buying and Selling

Platinum Buying and Selling
On the premium range of precious metals, platinum cannot be missed! Our platinum specialists can help you appraise your platinum pieces and offer you a convenient deal for each one of them. Plus, if you want to make a special gift or simply purchase stunning jewelry for yourself, we can help too!

Old Jewelry Buying and Selling

Old Jewelry Buying and Selling
Your grandma may have left you some rings, necklaces, or earrings that you will never wear, but you can take great advantage of them if you turn to a trusted jewelry buyer from our crew! Plus, we can offer you an astonishing selection of vintage pieces that will impress anyone!

Gold Exchange

Gold Exchange
Our team is ready to make any kind of gold deal that is convenient for you! We can receive your gold jewelry and a great variety of gold objects, and we can offer you outstanding and quality gold pieces that will blow your mind! Just turn to a professional gold trader for excellent gold exchange deals!

Rely on Excellent Metals

Gold, silver, and platinum jewelry can make a perfect gift for special people since it’s not only beautiful and valuable, but also resistant to humidity and even hypoallergenic, so they won’t hurt any skin. Also, selling your precious metals can take you out of emergencies!

Ensuring Excellent Deals

We are committed to giving you fair deals for every piece you bring us! Therefore, both our selling and buying processes are meticulous and exhaustive. Our team thoroughly examines each piece to determine its worth based on its quality and general characteristics. We never miss any details!

Our Nearby Areas

We want you to have the outstanding jewelry of your dreams and get enough money for every gold, silver, or platinum piece you wish to sell! Our shop is currently located in San Mateo, CA, which means we are near all the following areas:

  • Hillsborough Town, CA
  • Albany, CA
  • Emeryville, CA
  • Piedmont, CA
  • Los Altos Hills Town, CA

If you are interested in selling us your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry, you can contact YM Gold, Silver and Jewelry Buyer directly to request more information on how we can help you! Let us offer you good money for your precious metals! Call us now!

Client Testimonials
by Peter S. Williams on YM Gold, Silver and Jewelry Buyer
I Got What I Needed!

I was a few dollars short of being able to buy a new cellphone, and I turned to this gold trader to sell some old gold earrings my grandma had left me. They gave me exactly the money I needed! I fully recommend them!

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